Dr. Tom Dumser was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but with a father serving in the military he spent
his early years in San Diego, California. By the time Tom was in high school, his family had been
relocated back in Tennessee and it was there he graduated from Millington Central High School, just
north of Memphis.

At twenty years of age, Tom trusted in Christ and accepted a call to the ministry. That call took him to
Union University, where he earned a BA in sociology with a double minor in religion and psychology.
Of equal importance to his future may have been the talented young woman he met while in college,
Elise Crook.

Following Tom and Elise's marriage, they moved to Kansas City so he could attend Midwestern
Theological Seminary, where he received a Master of Divinity. With that stage of education completed,
the young couple accepted a call to New Orleans, Louisiana where Tom served as Associate Pastor
for Education and Administration at St. Charles Avenue Baptist.  During this time, Elise was
concentrating on earning her Master of Church Music, while Tom began to work on his Doctor of

While Tom worked on his dissertation, the Dumsers returned to their home state , this time to
Harrogate, Tennessee near the Cumberland Gap. After completing his doctorate, Tom was chosen as
pastor of Edgefield Baptist Church in Nashville where he served from 1989-1993.

By the time Tom and Elise moved to Lewisburg, Tennessee in 1994, they had three children - Lauren,
Evan, and Nathan. All three take after their parents and are talented musicians.